Qashqai handwoven carpet

In terms of color and patterns, Qashqai handwovens are one of the most beautiful and amazing handwovens in Iran and they are famous abroad as well. If these beautiful and happy handwovens are thrown on horses and mules among the Qashqai nomads, instead they find a place on the couch or sofa in luxurious European apartments or replace paintings on the interior walls of the building.

Naeen handwoven carpet

Despite the fact that the Naeen carpet is not considered an old profession in this region historically, today it is considered one of the most exquisite Iranian carpets due to the elegance and quality of its special texture and coloring. In this article, we will introduce the characteristic features of Naeen handwoven carpet.

Heris handwoven carpet

Heris is located in the west and south of Sablan mountain range, Heris is world famous for producing carpets with unique designs and patterns. In the following articles, we intend to introduce you to the characteristics of the famous Heris handwoven carpets.

Sarouk Handwoven Carpet

In addition to the excellent characteristics of texture and cooked and original colors that have always been present in Sarouk carpets, the initial advertisement of Ziegler Company has been a very important and valuable factor. In this article, we are going to introduce you to the features of the handmade carpets of this region.

Farahan handwoven carpet

In the past, the texture of fringed carpets in the style of a broken branch and in a plain and free background, mostly in golden yellow color with a samouri border, as well as tree designs in a navy blue color text, were popular in Farahan. In this article, we intend to introduce you to the technical features. And let's get to know Farsh Farhan's appearance

Arak Handwoven Carpet

Arak carpets and its surrounding areas currently have one of the most original and traditional designs, colors, and weaving methods in Iran, and they are famous and have many fans in the domestic and foreign markets of Iranian carpets. In this article, we are going to introduce you to the special features of Arak hand-woven carpet

Mashhad Handwoven carpet

Mashhad is famous for weaving carpets in large dimensions with the designs of Shah Abbasi's large flowers and delicate stems. In this article, we will learn more about the characteristics of Mashhad handwoven carpets.

Birjand handwoven carpet

Birjand carpet has its own characteristics in terms of design, color and texture structure. The design of the Rizah fish carpet of this region is world famous, and in terms of originality, beauty And the price is among the valuable and relatively expensive carpets, which we will review briefly in this article.

Qom Handwoven Carpet

Accuracy in the texture and elegance of the carpet is the most important characteristic of the handwoven carpets of Qom city. Variety in color and the use of new colors that are rarely seen in other carpet weaving regions of Iran are also other characteristics of the carpets of this region. In the following article, we will describe the technical and appearance characteristics of Qom carpet.

Sirjan Handwoven Carpet

The Sirjan carpet, which is unique hand-woven and specific to the same region and has its own characteristics, has a very high reputation in terms of beauty in color and pattern as well as weaving technique; So that it is one of the few traditional arts of Iran that has been registered globally. In this article, we would like to introduce the design and pattern, material, weaving technique, and in

Isfahan Handwoven Carpet

Isfahan hand-woven carpet is considered one of the most beautiful and original Iranian carpets in terms of variety in color and originality in design. In the following, we will give a detailed explanation of each characteristic of the Isfahan carpet.

Tabriz handwoven carpet

The city of Tabriz is one of the important centers of carpet weaving in Iran. Tabriz carpets, whether their examples are in museums and famous collections of the world, or those that are offered in mass and commercial form in markets, are always welcomed and liked by customers. In this article, we are going to introduce the hand-woven carpet of Tabriz city

Kashan handwoven carpet

Kashan carpet has unique features such as elegance, color stability, diversity, high density and softness of piles. Kashan handwoven carpets, especially the examples that were woven in the past, are of the highest quality, beauty and elegance and have many fans in the domestic and foreign markets. Next, we will examine the most important features of Kashan carpet.

Handwoven carpets of Kerman province

Kerman is a vast province with a historical background located in the southeast of Iran. Carpets, rugs, and rugs have been the main hand-woven fabrics of Kerman province since the distant past. In this article, we are going to investigate the history and characteristics of handwoven carpets in Kerman province.

Flat carpet weaving mechanism

Iranian hand-woven carpets are divided into three categories based on the weaving mechanism: flat, semi-woven and full-woven. These three different groups in handwoven carpets are created technically and during weaving, and the most important factors that cause a carpet to be flat, tube or semi-tube include the following:

handmade carpet

Hand-woven carpet is one of the most beautiful Iranian arts and one of the first very beautiful Iranian rugs. In the hand-woven carpet, weft and Threads are artistically tied together and unique designs and patterns are created, which will be discussed in this article.

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